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Core Ideology

Our Mission: Compose a new chapter of Chinese customization mechanical equipment in world industry history

Our original aspiration: Seek happiness for employees

Our Orientation: Global Customization Service Provider for Non-standard Mechanical Equipment

Our Slogan: We are not the only critical factors in rejuvenation, whereas we are surely in it.

Belief: Quality is spirit and core of products.

Wealth: customers who honor credibility and seek a win-win situation, partners who grow together with us, management team who are good at completing tough task, employees that work hard like a “screw”.

Core Value

Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. With the platform of supplying non-standard mechanical equipment for high end customers in the world. We will realize our aspiration of providing more employment opportunities and enabling our employees to live a healthy and happy life,devote all effort to forming TZME’s future with perfect product quality, and become a leader with high efficiency and valued brand in non-standard mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, so as to compose a new chapter of Chinese customized mechanical equipment in world industry history!

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